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YZG & FZG Series vacuum dryer

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Vacuum dryer is to let the raw material be dried at vacuum condition heationg and drying.It uses vacuum pump to damp and make the working chamber form vacuum status.Therefore the dry speed is quickened and the working efficiency is raised.

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  • The higher dry speed can be achieved at lower temperature and the heating can be utilized fully.
  • Unstable or thermal sensitive raw materials can be dried at lower temperature.
  • Raw materials that contain solvent or the solvent to be recovered can be dried.
  • The treatment of disinfection can be implemented before drying.Any impufities can not be mixed into it during the period of drying.
  • The drier belongs to static vacuum one.Therefore the shape of raw material to be dryed can not be damaged.


YZG and FZG Series vacuum dryer is suitable for drying raw materials of pharmaceutical industry. chemical industry, foodstuff industry, electronics industry, Chinese traditional medicine industry and so on.

Technical Parameter

Model YZG-600 YZG-800 YZG-1000 YZG-1400A FZG-15
Inner size of drying chamber (mm) Φ600x976 Φ800x1247 Φ1000x1527 Φ1400x2054 Φ1500x1400x1220
outer size of drying chamber (mm) 1135x810 x1020 1700x1040 x1335 1693x1190 x1500 2386x1675 x1920 1513x1924 x2060
layers of drying support 4 4 6 8 8
interval (mm) 81 82 102 102 122
size of drying tray (mm) 310x600x45 460x640x45 500x410x45 460x640x45 460x640x45
quantity of drying tray 4 8 12 32 2
working pressture inside the pipe of drying support (MPa) ≤0.784 ≤0.784 ≤0.784 ≤0.784 ≤0.784
operation temperature of drying support (℃) -35-150 -35-150 -35-150 -35-150 -35-150
vacuum inside the chamber when operation in idle (Pa) 1333 1333 1333 1333 1333
under the condition of -0.1MPa and 110℃,evaporation rate of water (kg/m2h) 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2
when condensor is not used,model,and power of vacuun pump(kw) 2x-15 2KW 2x-30A 3KW 2x-30A 3KW 2x-70A 5.5KW 2x-70A 5.5KW
when condensor is not used, model, and power of vacuun pump (kw) SZ-24KW SK-3 5.5KW SK-3 5.5KW SK-3 5.5KW SK-3 5.5KW
Weight (kg) 250 600 800 1400 2100

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