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SZG Series double cone rotating vacuum dryer

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Double cone rotating vacuum drier is a new drier that integrates mixing and drying in the one body and equips with condensor and accumn pump.Therefore the vacuum drier is formed(If the solvent does not recover,the condensor may be not used).The drier is advanced in design.simple in inner structure,easy ofr cleaning,to discharge all raw material,comvenient in iperation,lowing the strength of labor and improving word environment.Meanwhile raw material is rotating accompanying with the rotating of container,the wall of container can not only save energy but also make raw material dry evenly and have good quality.It can widely apply to dry raw materials of pharmaceutical only save energy but also make raw material dry evenly and have good quality.It can widely apply too dry raw materials of pharmaceutiacl industry,chemical industry,foodstuff industry,dyestuff industry and so on.The equipment is in conformity with the requirments of "GMP".

Working Principle

Model SZG double cone rotating vacuum drier has double cone ratating tank.Under the state of vacuum inside the tank,pass steam or hot water into to jacket for heating. The energy can contact with the damp raw material through the inner wall. The vaporized steam can be pumped out through vacuum exhaust pipe when the damp raw material absorbed heat.Because the inner of tank is in the state of vacuum and the raw material is turned over all the time caused by the rotating of tank,the dry speed of raw material is quickened and drying efficiency is raised too and the purpose of uniform dry can be raised.

Schematic of structure


SZG Series double cone rotating vacuum dryer is suitable for drying and mixing powder or granule raw material of pharmaceutical industry,foodstuff industry and chemical industry and so one. Especially it is suitalble for the folliwing raw materials that have special requirements:

  • thermal sensitive raw material that can not undertake high temperature;
  • raw materials that are easy to be oxidezed or to be dangerous;
  • raw materials in which the solvent needs to recover and there is toxic gases;
  • raw material that have the requirement of containing rather low content of residue volatized materails;
  • raw materials that need to mix evenly and fully.

Properties and Specifications

  • ressure of work
    • inside the tank: -0.09MPa
    • inside the jacket: ≤0.3MPa
  • medium of work
    • inside the tank: cystal or no adlesive power or granule raw material
    • inside the jacket: hot water or steam
  • temperature of jascket: ≤140℃
  • 0.2-0.5 calculated in accordance with the voume inside the tank factor of raw material feeding
  • 3-12 speed of rotating

Technical Parameter

MODEL OF CONOVAL Volume (L) Area of heat (m2) Power of motor (kW)  Over all dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) 
SZG-50 50 0.8 0.75 1860x600x1555 550
SZG-100 100 1.1 0.75 2162x800x1755 800
SZG-200 200 1.8 0.75 2212x800x1950 1000
SZG-350 350 2.3 0.75/1.1 2262x800x2220 1100
SZG-500 500 2.8 1.5 2350x800x2270 1200
SZG-750 750 3.9 2.2 2662x1000x2490 1480
SZG-1000 1000 5.1 3 2858x1300x2830 2800
SZG-1500 1500 6.5 4 3062x1300x2940 3300
SZG-2000 2000 8.2 5.5 3262x1400x2990 3580
SZG-3000 3000 10.2 7.5 3762x1800x3494 5950
SZG-5000 5000 18.2 15 4280x2490x3730 9960


  • The factor of raw material feeding can be increased suitablely for the raw material that the volume before and safter may be changede greatly.
  • Revolution for 2000 type:6rpm, for 3000 and 5000 type: 4rpm;
  • For special requirements, we can design and manufascture too.
  • The specification of Tank insert is same.

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