Drying equipment

LZG Helix vibration dryer

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  • Because the hot air passes through the layer of raw material several times and acts counter motion bowards the raw material,the heat exchange is fully used and thermal efficiency is high;
  • The structure is compact and it occupies small area;
  • The stay time of raw material in the helix bed can be adjusted and the operation is very convenient;
  • The raw material acts the motion od circle at helix bed from up to low, at the same time th equipment can jump itself, so the contact surface between hot air and raw material in increased too and the dry effect is strenthened;
  • The equipment is suitable for continuous operation because of continuous feeding and discharging raw material; Meanwhile it is easy to meet the requipments of "GMP".
  • It does not damage the surface and shape of rawmaterial basically.It can only maintain the roundness of pill but also decrease the broken rate of pill.

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The damp raw material enters into blex bed from fed inlet at the top and moves along with the helix bed from up to low and make jumping motion to the bottom and then discharge under the action of vibration force at the circle and gravity.Meanwhile clean hot air enters into it from the bottom of helix bed and carries out heat exchande with raw material on the helix bed fully and exhausts from the outlet at the top.In this way the dry purpose of damp raw material is reached.

Scope of application

LZG helix vibration drier is mainly used for drying pill of Chinese traditional medicine.It can also be suitable for drying granule,short strip and ball raw material of chemical industry,pharmaceutical industry,foodstuff industry,construction material industry,feed industry and so on.

Technical Parameter

Model LZG-1.0  LZG-1.2  LZG-1.4  LZG-1.6  LZG-1.8 
diameter(mm)  1000 1200 1400 1600 1800
power(KW)  2×0.8  2×0.8  2×1.5  2×1.5  2×2.2 
over all dimensions (m)  1.2×1.2×2.7  1.4×1.4×2.7  1.6×1.6×3.3  1.8×1.8×3.3  2.0×2.0×3.3 
Weight (Kg)  1400 1680 2800 3100 3800
production capacity (Kg/H)  80-120  120-200  200-280  280-350  350-450 
temperature of air intel ℃  60-200  60-200  60-200  60-200  60-200 
air amount (m3/H)  1487 2380 3721 4462 5960
Fan power (kw) 4.1 7 7.7 14 24

* Note: The priduction capacity is concerned with the moisture of raw material and the final moisture of finished product. The date; isted in the table indicates production capacity of pill of Chinese traditional medicine (the primary moisture of pill of Chinese traditionalmedicine is less than 35% and the moisture of finished product is less than 5%).

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