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XF Series fluid-bed dryer

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XF Series fluid-bed dryer consists of air filter, fluid bed, cyclone separator, dust collector, high-speed centrifugal fan

XF Series fluid-bed dryer is also called horizontal fluidizing dryer. Through operation and improvement over 30 years, it has play an active part in the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, gain and so on industries. It consists of air filter, fluid bed, cyclone separator, dust collector, high-speed centrifugal fan, and control cabinet and so on. Because of the difference of property from raw material, it is necessary to equip dust remover in accordance with practical needs. It may select cyclone separator and dust collector both or one of them. In general, cyclone separator can be selected if the raw material is larger and the dust collector may be selected if the raw material is light. Moreover, there is pneumatic feeding device for your selection. There are two kinds of operation for this machine, continuous and intermittent type.

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The clean and hot air enters into fluid bed through distributor of valve plate. The wet material is fed from the feeder forms the fluid state by hot air. Because of the wide contact between hot air and raw materials, the time of drying is short. The air enters from the front of bed, fluidized in bed for several minutes, and floats another side of bed. The machine works in negative pressure.


Drying process of medicines, chemical raw material, foodstuff, grain processing, feed and so on. For example, raw medicine, tablet, Chinese medicine, foodstuff of health protection, drinks, feed, resin, citric acid and other powders. The suitable diameter of raw material is normally 0.1-0.6mm. The most applicable diameter of raw material will be 0.5-3mm.

Technical Parameter

Model Drying capacity (kg/h) Power of fan (kW) Air pressure (pa) Air amount (m3/h) Tem. of inlet air (℃) Max consume (J) Form of feeding
XF10 10-15 7.5 5.5×103 1500 60-200 2.0×108 Shape valve / Pneumatic conveying
XF20 20-25 11 5.8×103 2000 60-200 2.6×108
XF30 30-40 15 7.1×103 3850 60-200 5.2×108
XF50 50-80 30 8.5×103 7000 60-200 1.04×109

* Notes: the drying capacity is measured based on the primary moisture of crystal of plum is 20% and its final moisture is 5% and the temperature of air inlet is 130 ℃ . The drying capacity of other raw materials will be based on the practical drying condition. When choose models, please note that: Model A should be matched with cyclone separator and Model B with inside bag dust collector and Model C with cyclone separator and bag dust collector.

Installation diagram

Explanation to installation

All equipment should be horizontal and fixed with foundation screw on the ground. All parts should be sealed well.

The fan may be installed outdoor or in the special noise free room. The plan can be adjusted slightly in accordance with the real conditions.

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