Centrifuge and Separator

SGZ Vertical Axis Scraper Bottom Discharging Automatic Centrifuge

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According to actual demand, customer should make sure of collocations of the centrifuge in placing an order: material, feeding type, explosion prevention requirements, surface treatment requirements, brand of electrical components, control type, work programs and route, etc.

Model SGZ Series:


  • PLC based control with programmable setup. Automatic operation with no operator attention monitors the whole process including feeding, first cycle filtration, cleaning, intensive filtration and discharging.
  • Inverter for speed regulation makes startup smooth. Relative centrifugal force is adjustable.
  • Dynamic braking. Non-touching braking doesn't produce dusts.
  • Leak-proof structure with silicone rubber or fluoroelastomers seals. It meets the requirement of general closed.
  • Programmed electromechanical feeding control.
  • Safety protection: rotation rate detection, vibration protection, motor overload and overheat protection, dual control with both electrical and mechanical to scrapers and the lifting device, interlocking the scraper and drum.
  • Our machinery can be used for chemical or pharmaceutical. It should be specifically chosen so as to meet the technical and economical requirements.


Technical Parameter

Model SGZ800 SGZ1000 SGZ1250
Basket Dia (mm)  800 1000 1250
Basket Volume (L)  100 155 280
Max. charge (kg)  135 210 420
Rotation Rate of Basket (r/min)  1200 1000 900
Relative Centrifugal Farce  645 560 565
Power of Motor (kw)  6.5/8 9-11 18.5/22
Overall Dimensions  (mm)  1900*1550*2250 2150*1750*2400 2500*2000*2500
Weight (kg)  2500 3500 4500


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