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GZL / GZP Platform base scraper discharging automatic centrifuge

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GZL / GZP Series centrifuge is a hi-tech product newly developed by CONOVAL GROUP in recent years. It has been widely used in such industries as pharmacy manufacturing, fine chemistry, food, etc.


  • Platform base with liquid damping shock absorption: Platform base structure could lower the center of gravity and stabilize the machine. Applying the liquid damping technique improves performance of shock absorption in centrifuge. No foundation construction making installation and repairs convenient.
  • Independent feeding tray: we discarded the central feeding or side feeding method, and applied the independent tray making materials fed more evenly with automatic control.
  • Air recoil and pnermatic auxiliary scraper: this technology effectively reduces the solids remained in the drum and effective resume the performance of the filter cloths.
  • Nitrogen protection: nitrogen anti-explosive system is designed for the environment with anti-explosion requirements.
  • Big hinged enclosure cover and Automatic online cleaning system: which is much convenient for inspection, repairs and install the filter cloths. Set the 3 cleaning devices, up, middle and bottom, to clean the chamber before the machine runs and during it runs, effectively remove the materials left by last cycle. It is in conformity with the requirements of GMP.
  • Individualized design: No foundation construction, big operation platform, convenient hinged cover, Automatic online cleaning system, anti-explosive device, watching lens and cleaner, alert marks, etc. It makes the operation and maintenance simple, convenient.
  • Safety protection equipment: It installs a set of mechanic and electric interlocking protection devices, such as: over-vibration protection, current overflow protection, thermal control protection, material protection, protection for scraper movement and protection when open the cover, ensuring the safety during the machine working.
  • Automatic control: The machine is programmable to run subject to the technique requirements and controlled by a set of equipment like PLC, touch-screen monitor, frequency converter, dynamic braking, air-powered or hydraulic system. Programs are modifiable with individualized interface. Remote control realized the unmanned operation meeting the modern massive production needs. Self-detection system can quickly detect the problems during the machine runs.
  • Pneumatic: Applying air-power could avoid the contamination to the materials by oil, well meet the requirements of pharmacy, foodstuff and fine chemicals industries.
  • Surface treatment: Apply the surface treatment techniques like polishing, acid treatment and passivation to treat the welding line, hole, screw to ensure that the surface meets the GMP standards.

Working sketch


Configuration Arrangement

The above drawing is a brief structure drawing of LGZ series centrifuge. LGZ series centrifuge has many collocation types, such as feeding types, on-line washing, gas auxiliary blade, nitrogen protection. In placing an order, customer should clearly mention collocations and requirements of centrifuge: material, feeding type, on-line washing, gas auxiliary blade, explosion prevention requirements, surface treatment requirement, brand of electrical components


Technical Parameter

Model GZL / GZP 800  GZL / GZP 1000  GZL / GZP 1250  GZL / GZP 1500 GZL / GZP 1600 
Basket Dia (mm)  800 1000 1250 1500 1600
Basket Volume (L)  100 175 400 610 775
Max. charge (kg)  135 235 480 820 1050
Rotation Rate Of Bastet (r/min)  1200 1000 970 850 850
Relative Centrifugal Farce  645 560 658 606 647
Power of Motor (kw)  7.5 11 22 37 37
Overall Dimensions (mm)  1850*1250*2050 2100*1500*2250 2450*1800*2500 2900*2100*2700 3000*2200*2700
Weight (kg)  1800 3500 4500 7800 8500


Model GZL/F 800 GZL/F 1000 GZL/F 1250
Basket Dia(mm)  800 1000 1250
Basket Volume(L)  100 175 355
Max. charge(kg)  135 235 480
Rotation Rate of Basket(r/min)  1200 1000 970
Relative Centrifugal Farce  645 560 658
Power of Motor(kw)  7.5 11 22
Overall Dimensions (mm)  2000*1350*2050 2300*1600*2400 2600*1900*2600
Weight(kg)  2500 4000 5000


Foundation drawing of GZL / GZP

GZL Scraper discharge centrifuge system flow chart

Foundation drawing

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