Centrifuge and Separator

SDP Series Pocket Top Discharging Centrifuges

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According to economical and technical demand, customer should clearly mention collocations and requirements of centrifuge, material, on-line washing, gas auxiliary blade, explosion prevention requirements, surface treatment requirement, brand of electrical components, control method, etc.


Feature of SDP Series pocket top discharging centrifuge

  • Inverter startup, smooth starting, adjustable relative centrifugal force.
  • Discharging solids from suspended bag is highly efficient with low labour intensity. No damage to the particles. Wide range of applications.
  • Well-designed structure leaves no place depositing dusts and makes the machine clean easily. The modules are designed smoothly and polished on the surface. The case, fixing parts and drums are made of stainless steel. With hinged enclosure cover, it is easy to clean the gap between the case and the drum.
  • The base and case are welt and joint together with high performance.
  • Base is flat lowering the center of gravity and reducing the machine's occupation of space. The flat base can also be the operation step.
  • Allocated with liquid amortisseur, simplifying the routine maintenance.
  • Automatic online cleaning system cleans the internal wall of the case, the drum and liquid slot to meet the clean requirement in accordance with GMP standards.
  • Leak-proof structure with silicone rubber or fluoroelastomers seals. Nitrogen protection system(optional)is of anti-explosion applied to poisonous, flammable and explosive environment.

Technical Parameter

Model SDP800 SDP1000 SDP1200 SDP1250 SDP1500
Basket Dia (mm) 800 1000 1200 1250 1500
Basket Volume (L) 100 155 310 360 600
Max. charge (kg) 135 200 420 480 800
Rotation Rate of Basket (r/min) 1200 1000 960 960 850
Relative Centrifugal Farce 645 560 620 645 605
Power of Motor (kW) 7.5 11 18.5 18.5 30
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1500*1200*1300 1800*1400*1300 2400*1900*1500 2400*1900*1500 2600*2200*1800
Weight (kg) 1500 2000 3000 3200 5000


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