Centrifuge and Separator

SG Manual Scraper Bottom Discharging Centrifuge

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According to actual demand, customer should make sure of collocations of the centrifuge in placing an order: material, feeding type, explosion prevention requirements, surface treatment requirements, brand of electrical components, control type, work programs and route, etc.


  • Feeding can be effected at medium speed, it has rather strong suitability for material to be separated. The manual scraping speed can be optionally adjusted, it is particularly suitable for materials whose filter cake is rather hard.
  • Feeding, preliminary filtration, washing, precise filtration, discharging can be flexibly adjusted according to the status of the materials and separation requirements.
  • Inverter can be allocated for separating materials which are rather loose, the startup can be smooth and stable, relative centrifugal force can be adjustable.
  • Relatively sealed and close structure may improve the environment of the production fields.
  • The scraper rotates, the lifting machinery is locked, so the centrifuge has good reliability. The centrifuge can be allocated with rotational speed testing, over vibration protection, overload and overheat protection device for the motor.

Working principle

The materials to be separated enter into the drum of the centrifuge rotating at high speed through a feeding tube, affected by the centrifugal force, filtration is realized by filter cloth( filter screen). Liquid phase material exits from liquid output pipe, while the solid phase material remains in the rotary drum. When the filter cake reaches certain amount, stop feeding and start washing, so that the material can be separated. When the centrifuge rotates at a low speed, operate the manual scraper device, scrape the material in the radial direction first, then scrape in the axis direction. After the filter cake in the rotary drum is scraped off, recover the scraper and one work cycle is finished.


Technical Parameter

Model SG800 SG1000 SG1250
Basket Dia (mm)  800 1000 1250
Basket Volume (L)  100 155 280
Max. charge (kg)  135 210 380
Rotation Rate of Basket (r/min)  1200 1000 900
Relative Centrifugal Farce  645 560 565
Power of Motor (kW)  6.5/8 9-11 18.5/22
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm)  1900*1550*2250 2150*1750*2400 2500*2000*2500
Weight (kg)  2500 3500 4500


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