Tea Bag Packing Machine

DXDW120 envelope packing machine

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DXDW120 envelope packing machine: Double chamber bag + Thread + Tag + Envelope + Cartoner (Full function)

CONOVAL has developed multi-types of tea-Packing Machine (e.g. standard model CCFD6, DXDC8II, DXDC8IV, DXDC15, DXDC8I. economical model DXD10, DXD20, DXD30, DXD40. pyramid bag type DXDC50, and double chamber bag type DXDC120) which based on advanced technology in the domestic and overseas trade and has reached the same level of imported equipment; furthermore some performances have exceeded this level.

The individual envelope offers a way to improve the filter bag’s moisture proof refreshment. The printing of envelope has been designed to meet the requirements of our customers.

DXDW120 envelope packing machine

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Technical data

  • Machine speed (bags/min):Max.120 bags/min
  • Filter bag maximum volume: 10dm3
  • Envelope size:70mm(W)x80 mm(H)
  • Power required: single phase,220V,50HZ
  • Overall size:1680mm(L) x1285mm(W) x1230mm(H)
  • Weight:500kg
  • Operator:1

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