Tea Bag Packing Machine

DXD20 Tea Bag Packing Machine

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DXD20 Tea bag packing machine: Inner bag + Envelope (Without Thread and Tag)

CONOVAL has developed multi-types of tea-Packing Machine (e.g. standard model CCFD6, DXDC8II, DXDC8IV, DXDC15, DXDC8I. economical model DXD10, DXD20, DXD30, DXD40. pyramid bag type DXDC50, and double chamber bag type DXDC10) which based on advanced technology in the domestic and overseas trade and has reached the same level of imported equipment; furthermore some performances have exceeded this level.

Model DXD20 Tea bag packing machine is a kind of new multi-function machine with totally automatic filling for both inner and outer bags at one time, it is suitable for automatically packaging of steeping products, such as fragmental tear medical tee coffee. Etc. Outer envelope is made from heatable lamination packing material that the function for fresh protection, damp proof, and also avoiding volatile smelling ,thus make the material an ideal choice for packaging of Chinese medical pills, healthcare tea and packed tea as well.

Main packing materials include PET / PE, PE / Vmpet / PE, PET / CCP / Tea leaf filter paper.

DXD20 Tea Bag Packing Machine

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Similar Model

  • DXD10 (Without tag and envelope)
  • DXD30 (Without Envelope)
  • DXD40 (Full function)


  • Stainless steel cover that meets GMP standard.
  • Computer-controlled outer envelop is a patent product first created in the country, adopt advanced
  • CPU control system and also with wide user-friendly LCD screen.

Technical Parameter

  • Max.output: 40 bags / minute
  • Filling range: 2 - 12 ml
  • Inner bag dimensions: L = 50 - 100 mm, W = 30 - 80 mm
  • Envelope dimensions: L = 60 - 150 mm, W = 70 - 105 mm
  • Power supply: AC 380V / 220V, 2.05 kW
  • Weight: 550 kg
  • Overall dimensions: 1200 × 850 × 1900 mm

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