Tea Bag Packing Machine

DXD40 Tea Bag Packing Machine

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DXD40 Tea bag packing machine: Inner bag + Thread + Tag + Envelope (Without Cartoner)

CONOVAL has developed multi-types of tea-Packing Machine (e.g. standard model CCFD6, DXDC8II, DXDC8IV, DXDC15, DXDC8I. economical model DXD10, DXD20, DXD30, DXD40. pyramid bag type DXDC50, and double chamber bag type DXDC10) which based on advanced technology in the domestic and overseas trade and has reached the same level of imported equipment; furthermore some performances have exceeded this level.

Model DXD40 Tea bag packing machine is suitable for the dual bag packing of small grain-like materials, such as tea leafs, medicinal tea and healthy teas. it is only without cartoning device with comparision of DXDC8IV and DXDC15.

DXD40 Tea Bag Packing Machine

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The main characteristic of this equipment is it can molding in one time to protect the material from the direct contact with workers' hands and improve the efficiency.

The inner bag is filter paper, tagging with thread and label automatically.

The outer bag is composite paper (including various kinds of composite membrane hot sealable such as paper/plastic, plastic/plastic, plastic/aluminum/plastic, paper/aluminum/plastic.)

The most advantage is, the capacity, the inner bag and outer bag can be adjuster flexibly, and the size of the inner and outer bag also can be adjuster according to the requirement of the customer to get the perfect effect.

Technical Parameter

  • Max.output: 40 bags / minute
  • Filling range: 3 - 15 ml
  • Bag dimensions: L = 50 - 80 mm, W = 50 - 70 mm
  • Envelope dimensions: L = 70 - 90 mm, W = 80 - 120 mm
  • Tag dimensions: L = 20 - 40 mm, W = 40 - 55 mm
  • Thread length: 155 mm
  • Power supply: AC 380V / 220V, 3.5 kW
  • Weight: 500 kg
  • Overall dimensions: 900 × 610 × 1500 mm

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