Tea Bag Packing Machine

DXDC10 Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine

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DXDC10 Double chamber tea bag packing machine: Double chamber bag + Thread + Tag + Envelope + Cartoner (Full function)

CONOVAL has developed multi-types of tea-Packing Machine (e.g. standard model CCFD6, DXDC8II, DXDC8IV, DXDC15, DXDC8I. economical model DXD10, DXD20, DXD30, DXD40. pyramid bag type DXDC50, and double chamber bag type DXDC10) which based on advanced technology in the domestic and overseas trade and has reached the same level of imported equipment; furthermore some performances have exceeded this level.

Model DXDC10 Tea bag packing machine is a kind of automatic tea bag machine for the packing of tea and similar herbs.The packing materials are non-heatseal filter paper, label, thread and staple.

It has necessary protection measures, such as short circuit protection, overloading protection, creepage protection, etc. The complete machine is controlled and coordinated by PLC. It is simple to set and control the temperature of all heating parts. It is simple to set the couhnting number of output chute and control the packing of boxes. It will give alarm if thread or packing materials are absent. It has the counting function of batch quantity. And it is easy to return the number to “zero”. The square marks of envelope paper are identified to keep the traction and cutting of fixed-length. The square marks of tag paper are identified to keep the traction and cutting of fixed-length. It has the function of jog on machine. It has 2 emergency buttons to stop the machine if emergency happens.

DXDC10 Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine

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Technical data

  • Output: 120±10 (bag/min)
  • Bag Capacity: Max. 10cm3(adjustable)
  • Degree of accuracy: ± 5%
  • Bag dimensions: 45 × 60 mm
  • Tag dimensions: 28 × 32 mm
  • Length of thread: 148 ± 5 mm
  • Size of staple: 13mm (5 mm after folding)
  • Volume of hopper: 13 dm3
  • Power supply: 3 phases, 380V, 50HZ
  • Power: total power 10KW, max. power 8kw
  • Net weight: 4000KG
  • Gross weight: 5000KG
  • Dosage system: protection structure which keeps impurity away
  • Compressed air: 6atm(bar)/300L/min
  • Overall size: 3.5m(L)×1.5m(W)×2.4m(H)

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