Pharmaceutical pulverizer

ZFT Low-temperature And Dust-free Hammer Mill

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This system can meet the requirements of low temperature, dust free and adjustment of granularity. The main measures are that when pulverizing materials, supplying the cold air at the same time, and control the speed of feeding by an adjustable, speed control screw feeder, thus, to make sure that the temperature of crushed material is lower than set value in process of pulverizing. Different granularity can be obtained by adjusting speed of rotary knife and replacing different sieve mesh. The powder flows in an airtight system in the whole process, which is collected by separating gas and solid, and then the dust-free exhaust is exhaled.

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Working principle

The pulverizing function of the pulverizer is carried out in pulverizing chambers of various steps. After being charged into the hopper, the materials enter into the working chamber under the control of plug-in plate. Under the action of centrifugal force of high-speed rotation of the movable pulverizing disc, the materials go into first-step to fourth-step pulverizing chambers composed of movable and fixed pulverizing discs, and under the combined action of impingement, shear and friction of pulverizing knifes and mutual impingement between materials, the materials are pulverized into powder and then discharged through sieve mesh. The fineness of powder can be controlled by changing sieve mesh in different aperture (mesh number).

Technical Parameter

Production capacity (kg/h) 40-200
Fineness of pulverization (mesh) 80-120
Granularity of feed stock (mm) <Φ12
Diameter of movable fluted disc (mm) Φ300
Speed of main shaft (rpm) 3800
Motor power (kW) 7.5
Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 2000×600×1800

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