Pharmaceutical pulverizer

GJS Rough Mill

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Accepting vertical grinding mechanism,this machine can process any material without being limited by the viscosity,hardness,or softness of the said materials.

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Working principle

Any raw material,being feed into the grind chamber through the upper feeder,striked and impacted by the knife-edges and knife stand,cut and grinded simulta-neously by the revolving and fixed knifes,automatically runs to the exist by the centrifugal force of revolving object.

Technical Parameter

Model GJS
Caoacity (kg/h) 100-500
Size of input granules (mesh) ≤100
Size of output granules (mesh) 0.5-20
Power (kW) 4
Speed of principalaxis (rpm) 940
Overall size (L×W×H) 1080×530×1460
Weight (kg) 380

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