Pharmaceutical pulverizer

ZFG-300 High-Efficiency Hammer Mill

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  • Simple and rugged structure, smooth running, good effect of pulverization.
  • Operation is very simple. It is only needed to change sieve mesh in different mesh number, then the required fineness can be reached.
  • Parts and components that contact materials are all made of polished high-quality stainless steel, especially the pulverizing chamber is a solid casting of stainless steel, with highly-polished inner and outer surfaces, the body frame is made of highly-polished stainless steel plate. They all conform to the requirement of GMP.

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Working principle

The pulverizing function of the pulverizer is carried out in pulverizing chambers of various steps. After being charged into the hopper, the materials enter into the working chamber under the control of plug-in plate. Under the action of centrifugal force of high-speed rotation of the movable pulverizing disc, the materials go into first-step to fourth-step pulverizing chambers composed of movable and fixed pulverizing discs, and under the combined action of impingement, shear and friction of pulverizing knifes and mutual impingement between materials, the materials are pulverized into powder and then discharged through sieve mesh. The fineness of powder can be controlled by changing sieve mesh in different aperture (mesh number).

Technical Parameter

Production capacity (kg/h) 100-200
Fineness of pulverization (mesh) 80-120
Granularity of feed stock (mm) <Φ12
Diameter of movable fluted disc (mm) Φ300
Speed of main shaft (rpm) 3800
Motor power (kW) 5.5
Shape dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 1100×600×1480

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