Herbal medicine processing machines

FSX Series Screening machine

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This machine is reasonably designed with soft support and screens of operates steadily with low noise, is easy to maintain and can meet GMP demands

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Working principle

The sift bed rotates and materials moves towards the lower side of screen .Going through the screens of different sizes, the materials are separated according to the technical demands.

Technical Parameter

Model FSX-4B  Extra weight  FSX-4B  Light model 
Form single-layer three--screen,rotating style Single-layer three--screen,rotating style
Number of exits (SET) 4 4
Rotation speed of sift bed (r/min) 188 208
Electric motor power 0.75/380 0.75/380
Reference output (kg/h) 500-750 300--450
Weight of whole machine (kg)  1500 240
The size of outline (LxWxH)(mm) 2440x2900x2400(including conveyer) 1655x1285x975

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