Herbal medicine processing machines

FQYF Frequency Conversion Reciprocal Beeline Medicine Cutter

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With continuous operation ,automatic feeding amount control, breaking rate of less than 5%,nice and even cuts ,this machine can use squirt gun to wash, is easy to maintain ,does not pollute the materials, meet GMP demands.


This machine can be used to cut leave, peel, bine, root ,grass, flower, most fruits and seeds, agricultural products, water products and it can cut the materials in different forms within the scope of 0.7-80mm. Knife combination can be used to cut particles of special multicorner forms within the scope of 0.7-20mm

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Working principle

Special conveyer band and pressing structure and send the materials step by step according to the preset distance .The knife in liner motion cuts the materials in the conveyer band.

Technical Parameter

Model FQYF300/300B FQYF500/500B
Electric motor power (kw) 380/1.5 380/2.2
Speeed adjustment method Frequency Conversion Frequency Conversion
Overload protection YES YES
Cutting distance (mm) 52 52
Cutting frequency (time/min) 150-380 120-350
Cutting length (mm) 0.7-80 0.7-80
Reference output (kg/h) 50-800 50-1200
Weight of the whole machine  550 800
The size of outline (LxWxH) (mm) 1600x900x1400 1600x1100x1400

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