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FPS 125 Er-type crusher

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The main axis has a flywheel of large moment of inertia. The whole machine is stable with low energy consumption .The application of wear resistant alloy in smashing board has increased the working efficiency .The machine is designed reasonably, easy to maintain and can meet GMP demands.

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Working principle

The entrance has two smashing boards, and one of them is moving relative to the other, so the materials are smashed between the two boards.

Technical Parameter

Model FPS125
Entering material granularity (mm) <80
Exiting material granularity (mm) 6-20adjustable
Reference output (kg/h) 60~200
Electric motor power (kw) 3
Weight of the whole machine (kg) 240
The size of outline (LxWxH) (mm) 700x500x1000

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