Tablet press machine

ZP9 / ZP12 Rotayr tablet press machine

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ZP9 / ZP12 is a new generation product by our factory, and this machine is a single Roller continuous automatic tablet press for pressing various kinds of different shape tablets and plain tablets It is mafnly used in pharmaceutical industry and also the chemical ,food,electronic industries.

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  • The machine is fully enclosed. The material of the cover is stainless steel. Meeting G.M.P standard.
  • It has transparent windows so that press condition can be observed clearly and the window can be opened. Cleaning and maintenance is easier.
  • This machine has big compression. And this machine can produce irregular tablets,ring shape tablets and plain tablets. It is especially suitable to use in various and small-batch production.
  • Electromechanically integrated product.All of the control unit and the adjusmlent unit are on one side of the machine,and easier for operating.
  • An overloading protection unit is included in the system to avoid the damage of the machine.
  • ZP9 equipped with oil-soak lubrication driving system of this machine,and under theair-tightly. So that prevent cross conta-minatien and extending the working life of the machine.

Technical Parameter

Model ZP 9 ZP 12
Stations(unit) 9 unit 12 unit
Maximum compression(KN) 60 KN 60 KN
Max. Diameter of Tablet (mm) 13 mm 13 mm
Max. Filling depth(mm) 15 mm 15 mm
Max. Thickness Of tablet(mm) 6 mm 6 mm
Max. Production Speed(r/min) 32 r/min 32 r/min
Production Capacity (pc / h) 9600-13440 pc/h 9600-18440 pc/h
Motor(kW r/min V/Hz) 0.75kW, 910 r/min, 380/50V/Hz 0.75kW, 910 r/min, 380/50V/Hz
Overall Size(mm) 600 × 960 × 1150 mm 600 × 960 × 1150 mm
 Net Weight(kg) 250 kg 300kg


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