Accessories equipment for Solid Dosages


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Accessories Equipment for Solid Dosages

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CRS100 Series Capsule Sorting Polisher

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This series machine is an advanced machine with new structure. To compare it with the traditional ones it has apparent advantage for its function and structure.

  • CRS100A is high capacity (300,000 pcs/hour)
  • CRS100B is little capacity (150,000 pcs/hour)
  • CRS100C is only sorting
  • CRS100D is only polishing

CRS200A Tablet Deduster

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Tablet Deduster CRS200A is suitable for the dedusting of all shape tablets. It is adapted to all types of tablet machine. With the attachment of duster and compressed air the dust can be got rid of during the vibration at the filter disc.

  • 550,000 pcs/hour (Ø6mm tablet)

CRS200B Tablet deduster

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The high-speed tablet deduster model CRS200B adopts the principle of compressed air purging, centrifugal dedusting and roller deburring and vacuum extraction to clean the powder attaching on the surface of the tablet and burrs on edges so that the surface of tablet is clean and the edges are regular. It is a must have equipment in tablet production processes.

  • 800,000 pcs/hour (Ø6mm tablet)

Zs230 Vertical capsule polishing machine

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Its advantage includes long dedusting path. Automatic tablet polish on all sides, and high quality dedusting without damage to the tablet itself. In addition ,it can act as a delivering device for any shape of tablet that needs to be dedusted. Best of all, it correspond with the GMP standard.

  • 1,000,000 pcs/hour (Ø3~8mm tablet)

CRS300 Automatic Capsule Separating Machine

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This is the world first machine designed to separate capsules and re-use powder, granules, pellets, or micro-tablets which is built to replace the traditional way of milling, sieving and retrieving powder.

  • 18,000 pcs/hour

CRS400 Opener Of Blister Packet

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CRS400 Opener of blister packet Machine is suitable for recovering unqualified blister pack products such as capsules, tablets, softgels, candies or other similar products.

  • 20-40 packs/min

CRS500 Capsule & Tablet Inspection Machine

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Inspection of capsules, plain or coated tablets and other round or cylindrical objects by one operator.

  • up to 120,000 pcs/hour or 50kg/hour, depending on product.

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