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CRS100 Series Capsule Polisher & Sorter

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CRS100A is high capacity, CRS100B is little capacity, CRS100C is only sorting, CRS100D is only polishing

CRS100A & CRS100B capsule polishing & sorting machine is a kind of capsule polisher with function of sorter as well. It plays the function of not only the polishing for capsule and tablet but eliminating static electricity. It can also automatically reject low weight capsule; loose piece and fragments of capsules. It is suitable for all sizes of capsules without the need to change parts.

CRS100C capsule sorting machine is used to select out the empty capsules .loose pieces as well as scraps after capsule filling. It can also automatically select out those capsules with lighter dosage. The machine can be connected to the main production line. The capsules can be polished after sorting process which is more suitable for SR capsule dosages.

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Important Features

Small size, good looking, adjustable height and angles. It can be connected to any types of capsule filling machines. Timely polishing while producing is realized to raise the polishing quality and efficiency.

It can automatically sort out capsules with low weight, empty body, scrap and loose piece to meet GMP standard.

High quality stainless steel is used inside the medicine-polishing chamber. Quick connecting parts are also adopted to dismount the equipment more easily and to clean more thoroughly.

Quick detachable brush and bearing are used for the main axle. The brush and bearing can be dismounted easily. The hair of brush will not drop. Different sizes of brushes can be changed to meet the needs of different medicines.

A safety device is equipped. The speed of motor is controlled by converter. The polisher can continue to work for long time and stands moment of force.

Technical Parameter

Model CRS100A CRS100B CRS100C CRS100D
Function polishing & sorting only sorting only polishing
Capacity (pcs/h) 300,000 150,000 300,000 420,000
Power according to the consumer
Vacuum 2.7m3/min -0.014mpa - -
Compressed Air 0.25m3/min 0.3mpa -
Weight (kg) 40 35 15 75
Dimension (L×W mm) 1150×600 950×600 500×400 1310×405
Dimension (H mm) (870-1000) (870-1000) (750-1050) 1200

* If the parameters are modified, maybe we will not inform.

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