Tablet press machine

ZP1100 Series Rotary Tablet Press

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This machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemistry, foodstuff, electronic industries. This machine adopt international standard mould.

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  • Meet GMP requirement, machine design is reasonable. Operation, dismantling and maintenance is convenient.
  • With high main-pressure and pre-pressure, extending the pressing time and making good quality tablets.
  • The speed of turret is high, its linear velocity is up to high speed tablet press.?
  • PLC and touch screen control, all the running parameter can be set and shown.
  • The machine can stop automatic in case of any upper punch broken.
  • Adopt transparent windows, tableting state can be observed clearly. The windows can be opened,
  • cleaning and maintenance is easy.
  • ZP1100A model is equipped with force feeder, to improve granules flow-ability and filling performance.

Technical Parameter

 Model ZP1124(A) ZP1129(A) ZP1134(A) ZP1136(A) ZP1139(A)
Number of Stations 24 29 34 36 39
Tooling Standard D B ZP BB BBS
Max Main Pressure (KN) 80
Max Pre-pressure (KN) 20
 Max Tablet
round tablet 25 18 13 13 11
irregular tablet 25 19 16 16 13
 Max Filling Depth (mm) 18
Max Tablet Thickness (mm) 7
Max Turret Speed (r/min) 65
Max Production Capacity (pcs/h) 93600 113100 132600 140400 152100
Motor Power (kw) 4
Overall Size (mm) 960×910×1750
Machine Weight (kg) 1650

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