Soft gelatin capsule Production line

LSR300 / 250 Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Main Machine

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Main Features:

  • Two sides gelatin film linear conveying, no need adjust, production stable.
  • Control type: Each system independent control, coordinated accordingly, easy to adjust.
  • Roller die pressing type: Pneumatic pressure pressing, digital display, light and easy.
  • Roller die adjustment: Free opposite line design, simplified operation,to prevent operator's mistakes.
  • Wedge lifting type: Elec-driven, and self-lock, safty and dependable.
  • Material supply pump: Free adjust design, easy install, prevent operator's mistake, all rolling bearing design, prolonged using life.
  • Material supply pump direction guidance: Bearing guidance rails (numerical control machine tool technology).
  • Main machine noise control: Low noise design, there is no noise increase when highest and lowest speed operation. Improved working conditions.
  • Main machine lubrication: Independent lubrication, lubricant using quantity: <5L/time (change one time every 6 month).
  • Gelatin film lubricant using quantity: <4L/24h, almost no oil capsule pressing, reduce the production cost, clean working condition.
  • Adopts non-oil or micro-oil lubrication, it is easy to evaporate the water of the capsule, shortened the drying time.
  • Free solvent cleaning: For most of the soft capsules no need to clean by alcohol or ether.To prevent the hurt from the solvent to the capsules. (the printed soft capsules excepted).
  • Gelatin film control: Precise film thickness adjustment, independent film spreading control, it is flexible and suitable to various kinds of gelatin solution and moulds, reaches the max. Using rate of gelatin solution.
  • Gelatin film cooling type: Auto-control water cooling, air blow balance, equipped with machine.
  • Capsule fast shape fixing: Special air blow device, reduce the temperature of capsule output part. Easy for the capsule shape fixing.
  • Temperature control material hopper: Precise temperature control, auto liquid level control, it is suitable to various kinds of materials' requirements (standard equipped).
  • Humanized design, easy to operate.
    • a) Mould with mould shaft matching design, to prevent the damage during the moulds installation.
    • b) Special use wedge installation device, prevent the damage of the wedge during the installation. Reduce the working strength of the operators.
    • c) The lighting lamp added at the capsule output area at the mould bottom. Easy to check the quality during the production.
    • d) We use the simplified design for all the daily maintenance parts. Easy and fast.
  • Special industrial beautiful designing, it makes the whole machine looks beautiful and generous, brief and clear, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

Technical Parameter:

  • Roller Die Dimension: Φ150x300mm / Φ150x250mm
  • Roller Die Pressure: 0.1-0.5 MPa
  • Roller Die Speed: 0-4rpm Stepless Speed Adjustment
  • Material Feeding Quantity: 24×(0-2) ml / 20×(0-2) ml
  • Filling Quantity Precision: <500mg ±2%, >500mg ±1%
  • Power: AC380V 50Hz 10kW / 9kW
  • Weight: 1600kg / 1500kg
  • External Size: 1880×1050×2000mm / 1880×1000×2000mm

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