Air biological sampler

FKC-1 Air biological sampler

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When sampling, air with puffball will be bumped on agar surface of substrate utensil though tiny hole; these animalcules grow quickly in the course of substrate, thus, the result will be got quickly.This instrument is novel, with up and down two parts. The upside is sampling hole, sampling pedestal and gas pump while the downside is controller and batteries. Sampling pedestal and crust adopt quality aviation aluminum, surface close hole processing and is convenient to sterilize and disinfect before using. This instrument is of large sampling capability, stable performance, simple operation and reaches international level of similar product. It is an ideal air biological sampler for medicine plant, hospital, biological products, food machining, public place and other examination departments.

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Main characters

  • Sampling hole has many small holes to reduce puffball superposition and reduce error of animalcule count.
  • Programmable, sampling quantity can be set from 0.01 to 2.0 steres.
  • LCD displays sampling quantity, sampling time and other parameters.
  • Save sampling quantity, sampling time and other parameters in pages and save 256 pages at most.
  • Particular sculpting, convenient to use.
  • Simple to exchange substrate utensil, just only take down sampling hole to exchange substrate utensil. (Standard diameter is 90*15.)

Technical data

Parameter\model FKC-1
Sampling quantity 100L/min
Speed of sampling hole 0.4m/s basically the same as that of clean room (isokinetic sampling)
Power supply AC/DC, chargeable buttery: DC6V, continuous work for 4h after charged
Volume Ф120*300
Weight 4kg

*Note: Data printing function, pellet device, and dry vacuum pump (for your choice)

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