Blister packing machine

DPP-190 Blister packing machine

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This machine adopts plate type forming and roller sealing, is a novel efficient AL/AL, AL/PL amphibious blister packing machine. The pursuit of intelligent, digital, humanization design is impenetrate through every detail. Nice and compact appearance, all parts may contact with pills are made of high grade stainless steel or other innocuity material with finish machining.

The outside material holding mechanism can afford two rolls of foil which reduce the frequency of feeding material. Also material cut and patch up mechanism enhance efficiency.

Servo motor traction enables random adjust in traction length and compensation setting. Amphibious design enable al/al and al/pl blister forming function switch freely. Intelligent mould oriental system convenient changing of moulds and saves time and material in debugging new moulds.

High-speed vibrant feeder and photo detect rejection device assures 99.99% certified ratio.

Highest punch frequency: AL/AL≤100 times/min, AL/PL≤200 times/min.

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Technical Parameter

Max. Punch Speed AL/PL: 200 times/min(stand type) AL/AL: 100 times/min
Max. Production Capacity 28800 sheets /h
Adjustable range of stroke 180mm
Max. Forming Area 160×170mm
Max. Forming Depth AL/AL: 12mm AL/PL: 16mm
Packing material of Medicine PVC 190×0.25(0.15-0.5)mm
packaging material of Heat-sealing PTP 190×0.02mm
packaging material of Forming AL 190×0.12(0.10-0.18)mm
Power Connection There Phases Four Wires: 380V 50HZ(220V.60HZ)
Main Motor Power 2×1.5 kW
Total Power 8.8 kW
Air Pump(Air Compressor)Volume 0.5-0.7 MPa
Air waste 0.38 m3/min
Water Tap water or cycle water
Water waste 60L/h
Dimensions of overall machine(L×W×H) 2880×950×1980mm
Weigth 2000kg

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