Blister packing machine

DPH-260K Blister packing machine

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DPH-260K is high speed blister packing machine with PLC and touch screen auto control system; the stroke length can be adjusted expediently through the interface; feeding into the mechanism by rubber roller manipulator (pneumatic, friction) which is controlled by servo motor independently assures the stability and synchronous running; more convenient in changing moulds when adopts orientation type moulds and unitary guild orbit.

The heating plate in forming station can auto open and close, when the forming material did not reach set temperature the machine will automatically delay the start of machine, to reduce waste of material. Adopting the contacting heating type, lower the heating power saves energy meanwhile lower the temperature strengthen the stability of formed blister.

Sealing with pneumatic cushion: the cylinder lift up the upper sealing moulds (web plate) when machine stops which avoids deformation of the blister bubbles caused by the heat radiation during the stop, meanwhile serves a buffer against the excess pressure and thus extends the life span of machine.

All the parts including feeding hopper which will contact with material are all made from stainless steel and innocuity material process. This machine also serves emergency stop mechanism, alarm and auto stop when run out of PVC and broken PVC.

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Technical Parameter

Max. Punch Speed AL/PL: 60 times/min(stand type)
AL/AL: 40 times/min
Max. Production Capacity AL/PL: 350 thous.Pes/h
AL/AL: 150 thous.Pes/h
Adjustable range of stroke Standard dispose≤120mm
(according to the customers' Requirement)
Max. Forming Area 245x112mm
Max. Forming Depth AL/PL: 14mm
AL/AL: 14mm
Specification of packaging material
(the width of the material 130-260mm)
Medicine PVC: 260x0.25(0.15-0.5)mm
Heat-sealing PTP: 260x0.02mm
Total Power 6.4KW
Main Motor Power 2.2KW
Forming Upper and Lower Heat power 1.5KW(x2)
Heat-sealing Heat Power 1.2KW
Air Pump(Air Compressor)Volume ≥0.38m3/min
Dimensions of overall machine(L×W×H)  3940x720x1580mm
Dimensions of packing case(L×W×H) 4100x880x1740mm
Weight 1800kg

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