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Disk Separator

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The Disk Separator mainly used to separation and clarification of solid content between 1-15% and solid-phase granules with particle size larger than 0.5um. It can be operated manually or automatically or remotely with PLC control.

The Disk Separator is widely used for many industries, such as vegetable oil, dairy, beverage, pharmacy, chemicals, petrol, metallurgy and biology, etc.

DHY Disk Separator

Model DHY Series Disk Separator:

Structure and principle of Disc Separator

  • The bowl rotates at a high speed round the main axis, driven by a motor through hydraulic coupling and screw gear pair.
  • Stock liquid flows from the upper feeding pipe into the bowl’s bottom and then will be separated through holes of disc seat.
  • By the action of centrifugal force field, heavy liquid flows along the inner wall of discs to the inner wall of the bowl, after up flowing along them, it will be discharged by the heavy liquid pump, the light liquid will be done by the light liquid pump, which flows along the inner wall of discs into center pipe and then up to high liquid outlet.
  • The larger solid phase particles left will sedimentation on the bowl’s wall and then will be discharged, controlled by the sliding bowl, out of the sediment outlet.


Technical Parameter of Disc Separator

Model DHY270 DHY380 DHY470 DHY550
Capacity  500-1500L/H 1500-3000L/H 3000-7000L/H 5000-10000L/H
Discharge time and Interval Discharge time can be adjusted from 0.1~0.9 second, and discharge time interval can be adjusted from 1~240 minutes according to the raw material
Motor Speed 1460rpm 1460rpm 1460rpm 1460rpm
Motor Power  4kW 7.5kW 15kW   22kW
Turn on time 5~8minute 5~8minute 5~8minute 5~8minute
Stopped time (without brake) ≤40minute ≤40minute ≤40minute ≤40minute
Input pressure 0~0.1mpa 0~0.1mpa 0~0.1mpa 0~0.1mpa
Output pressure 0~0.3mpa 0~0.3mpa 0~0.3mpa 0~0.3mpa
Working water pressure 0.2mpa≤p≤0.45mpa 0.2mpa≤p≤0.45mpa 0.2mpa≤p≤0.45mpa 0.2mpa≤p≤0.45mpa
Noise  ≤76dB ≤76dB ≤76dB ≤76dB
Max. vibrate 1.5mm/s 1.5mm/s 1.5mm/s 1.5mm/s
Weight  ~550kg ~810kg ~1680kg ~2260kg
Dimension (mm) 950×800×1100 1500×1100×1400 1772×1473×1855 1800×1500×1855


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