DC-180H Automatic horizontal cartoner

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DC180H automatic cartooning machine is intellectualized, continuous fully automatic cartoning machine which can reach speed of 180 cartons/min.

This machine applies to the packing of products in Pharmaceutical, food, commodity, chemical and hardware industries. Inspection and alarm system which compose of sensor, photo electricity, optical fiber cable and mechanical overload protect assures the safely running of machine.

Model DC-180H:


Leaflet only provided when product is detected, and carton only opened when leaflet is detected. When carton is not open and loaded in the right position machine will alarm and automatically stop when find no leaflet several times or overload.

This machine controlled by PLC and HMI, with production line connecting faucet prepared for connecting with blister packing machine, filling machine, wrapping machine or encasing machine to form a packing line.

  • Paper of leaflet:300-350g/m2(GB/T451.3-1989, GB/T3523-1999)
  • Carton size: max: 140×70×60mm, min:78×33×15mm
  • Carton shall be store at 25℃±2℃; Moisture≤60%

Technical Parameter

  • Electric and Power: AC 380V 50HZ 1.5KW
  • Max capacity: 180 cartons / min
  • leaflet folder max capacity: 180 parpers/min
  • Working temperature: 25±10℃
  • compressed air: 0.6-0.9MPa consume 0.67-0.9 m2/hour
  • Noise: less than 80dB
  • Operator: 1-2 people
  • weight: 1.5 ton
  • Dimension: 4500X1600X1620mm

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