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TTQXL Air Clean Machine / bottle cleaner

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This machine is suitable to wash the circular or quite regular platode plastic bottle. It can clean out the dust and plastic granule in the bottle. This machine adopts touch screen interface and photo-electric control. The air which is used to clean the bottle circles in and it will not pollute the workshop's environment. We can equip with vacuum pump and dust shield according to the client's requirement. It can be changed into a big volume liquid filling machine.

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Technical Parameter

  • Specification: bigger than 80ml circular/platode bottle; or small circular plastic bottle(eye drop)
  • Power: 1KW
  • Production Capacity: 80~120bottles/min
  • Air Consumption: =30m3/h
  • Pressure: 0.4~0.6MPa
  • Weight: 350kg
  • Overall Dimansion(LxWxH): 2440x700x1700mm

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