HFFS / Horizontal form fill and seal packing machine

HF-240 Horizontal bag packaging machine

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  • HF-240 meets your large packaging requirements for single pouch;
  • Changing over simplicity and rapidity from one product to another or from size to size;
  • PLC and servo control system, users-friendly operation;
  • High cost performance.

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  • Punching the hole for pouch hanging and installing zipper functions are available for this model.
  • Different types of filler can be used according to the characteristics of the product.

Technical Parameter

Pouch type Single-pouch dispensing
Minimum Pouch Size 120mm×120mm
Maximum Pouch Size 240mm×280mm
Sealing 3-4 side seals
Max. Speed 60pcs/m
Max. Volume 1000ml
Reel Diameter 500mm
Electrical Consumption 9KW
Air Consumption 0.7m3
Net Weight (App.)1800KG
Size 4807mm ×1498mm×2358mm

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