VFFS / Vertical form fill and seal packing machine

HBX Series VFFS Automatic Bag Packing Machine

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This machine is applicable for packing granulated, short stripped and powdered stripped products, such as puffed food, shrimp, peanuts, popcorn, oat cereals, melon seed, frozen fruit, sugar, edible salt and washing powder, ect.

Packing Materials:

Paper / Polyethylene, Cellophane / Polyethylene, Plated Aluminium / Polyethylene, BOPP / Polyethylene, Nylon / polyethylene, PET+LLDPE, LDPE / LLDPE+OPP & others.

HBX-680 / 720 / 1050 (stainless steel):

HBX-680 / 720 / 1050 (carbon steel):

HBX-420 / 520 (stainless steel):

HBX-T500 / T700 (stainless steel):

HBX Series with multihead weigher:

HBX Series with screw weighing filler:

HBX Series with volume cup measurement:

Bag samples of HBX Series:


Technical characteristics:

  • PLC control with stable and reliable biaxial high accuracy output and color touch screen, bag-making, measuring, filling, printing, cutting, finished in one operation.
  • Separate circuit boxes for pneumatic control and power control. Noise is low, and the circuit is more stable.
  • ilm-pulling with servo motor double belt: less pulling resistance, bag is formed in good shape with better appearance, belt is resistant to be worn-out.
  • Double servo control, high precision orientation, size more nicety.
  • External film releasing mechanism: simpler and easier installation of packing film.
  • Adjustment of bag deviation just needed to be controlled by the touch screen. Operation is very simple.
  • Close down type mechanism, defending powder into inside of machine.

Technical Parameter:

Model HBX-420 HBX-520 HBX-680 HBX-720 HBX-1050
Max. film width 420mm 520mm 680mm 720mm 1050mm
Max. bag size (WxL) 200x300mm 250x350mm 330x390mm 350x450mm 500x800mm
Packing speed 70bags/min  60bags/min 50bags/min 45bags/min 30bags/min
Film thickness 0.04~0.09mm 0.04~0.09mm 0.04~0.09mm 0.06~0.12mm 0.06~0.12mm
Air consumption 0.8Mpa 0.5m³/min 0.8Mpa 0.4m³/min 0.8Mpa 0.6m³/min 0.8Mpa 0.8m³/min 0.8Mpa 0.8m³/min
Power supply 2.2kw 220V 50Hz 2.2kw 220V 50Hz 4.0kw 220V 50Hz 4.5kw 220V 50Hz 6.0kw 220V 50Hz
Dimension (mm) 1320*920*1392 1500*1140*1540 1250*1600*1700 1360*1630*1900 2250*1800*2400
Weight 450kg 680kg 800kg 900kg 1000kg


Model HBX-T500 HBX-T700
 Bag size Front width: 70~180mm Front width: 100~240mm
Side width: 40~100mm Side width: 50~120mm
Width of side seal: 5~10mm Width of side seal: 5~10mm
Length: 100~350mm Length: 100~420mm
Packing speed  60bag/min 50bag/min
Bag type black bottom type black bottom type
Max film width 500mm 700mm
Air consumption 0.8Mpa 0.3m³/min 0.8Mpa 0.3m³/min
Power source 220v 3.5kw 50Hz 220v 4kw 50Hz
Dimension 1300*1130*1900mm 1700*1360*2250mm
Weight 750kg  900kg

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