Multihead weigher

CW-H14-B Multihead weigher

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It is especially suitable for weighing of QQ candy, soft candy, jelly, frozen food, meat roll, vegetable, screw etc which are sticky, hard-flowing.


  • Load cell level sensor control material feeding;
  • No products Auto pause function can avoid material dropping out during Running;
  • The single linear feeder amplitude can be auto/manual adjusted will ensure the products easy-flowing with high accuracy;
  • Facility to maximize or minimize the operation angle to the size of the product.
  • Multilanguage control panel, Spanish, Korea, German, French and Arabic, etc.
  • High accuracy and high speed modes can be select.

Technical Parameter

Model CW-H14-B
Max. Capacity 10-800 g 800-2000 g
Weighing Accuracy 0.1-1.5 g 0.5-2 g
Max. Weighing Speed 120 VPM 80 VPM
Hopper Volume 1600 ml 2500 ml
Control Panel 8.4"LCD Keypad Screen / 10.4Touch Screen
Options Dimple Plate / Timing Hopper / Printer / Rotary Top Cone
Driving System Step motor
Power Requirements 220V / 1.5kW / 50/60Hz / 10A
Packing Dimension 1680x1182x1268 mm
Gross WGT 490 KG

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