BFA Series Large Volume Packing Machine

Large Volume Packing Machine

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Large volume bag automatic packaging line (from supply bags to the truck project) is a new generation of automatic packaging line, powder, granular material can be weighed in the process of production, supply bags, bag tacking, bag filling, sealing bag, batch number printing, bag pushing, metal detector, automatic rejector, weight the re-inspection, automatically rejector, conveying, robot palletizing, empty tray distribution, tray conveying, tray bundles, tray winding, tray conveying ,real output full automation operation.

Automatic Large volume bag packing line is suitable for big bags (the sealing package of big bags can adopt five sealing forms to carry out 13 continuous sealing packages for seven big bags, with the weight ranging from 25 kg to 50 kg)

BFA Series Large Volume Packing Machine:


  • Auto-servo bag packing machine (Automatic weighing)
  • Auto-bag feeding machine (Automatic bag opening)
  • Automatic Material Feeding (Prepare bag platform—Automatic bag feeding)
  • Bag sewing conveyor
  • Three-in one hot-melt sealing packaging machine
  • Pour bag system and conveyor
  • Climbing conveyor
  • Confluence conveyor
  • Weight measuring machine& Bag rejector
  • Metal detector& Bag rejector
  • Shaping conveyor
  • Auto-Coding machine
  • Buffer Conveyor
  • Conveyor
  • Palletizing Robot (Tray Library& Stack supply—Automatic tray feeding)
  • Automatic stack system
  • Finished Palletizing output system

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