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Key Technologies and History of Vacuum Conveying System

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Key Technologies

Electrostatic technology
Electrostatic problem is that all the powder industry problem, it relates to dust explosion and equipment safety, the most direct impact on the powder measurement accuracy. If you can effectively eliminate the static powder materials, it can improve security, but also can eliminate static electricity on the powder metering accuracy. NZQ series of vacuum loading machine uses a proprietary atmospheric static elimination technology that can effectively eliminate static electricity carried by powder materials. This feature is also a brand and other brands vacuum feeder, one of the key technological differences.


Vacuum feeder control system used by the need to ensure coherence with the main equipment, feeding process automation. NZQ vacuum loading machine uses military-level embedded control technology as the core, supporting PHILIPS of the CPU, TURCK sensor materials, SMC solenoid valve composed of a reliable control system, the main process equipment can be achieved with any perfect matching.


Adaptive Materials
CONOVAL company as the only transportation company specializing in vacuum, many years of research and practice has accumulated a wealth of experience and constantly improve the product, the current NZQ vacuum feeding can adapt to a variety of materials, the material used.


The degree of automation
For the tablet machine, capsule filling machine, pouch packaging machine is concerned, hopper feed digital divide in the direct impact of the film weight difference, capsule filling accuracy, filling accuracy and reduce the digital divide material can effectively reduce the differences in the changes, higher precision . NZQ series of vacuum feeder using the German TURCK original material detection sensors will be expected to control the digital divide within the framework of 10mm, fully guarantee the accuracy of the main process equipment, while achieving a fully automatic loading


Material properties remain
For the vacuum feeding machine in terms of its function is conveying powder material, in the course of transmission must ensure that the original characteristics of powder material does not change. As everyone knows, most likely to occur in pneumatic conveying of powder and particle separation, which is usually spoken of powder layering. NZQ vacuum feeding machine by using reasonable airflow models, materials, shape control, and powder materials, a soft landing technology, a fundamental solution to the separation of layered problems, the uniformity of powder material damage control at 0.4% less than the target lead similar products at home and abroad. At the same time, NZQ vacuum feeding machine structure and materials to ensure a zero foreign matter off, will not add any extra powder material objects.


Zero-leakage, zero pollution
NZQ vacuum feeding machine feeding process to achieve the fully enclosed, ensuring zero leakage, zero pollution, both to protect the environment and operators, while protecting the quality of the original material.


Dust Control
CONOVAL vacuum feeding machine can completely solve the stratification and the elimination of materials, static electricity, you can also control the dust is flying high, protecting the environment and to prevent material contamination.


Development history

Year 2001
It made system research of vacuum conveying technology, and completely solved the problems of particles splitting into layer during handling mixed material powder.
Research on separation of powder and air metal filter technology - titanium composite filter.

Year 2002
It primarily developed GVC series of third-generation pneumatic vacuum loading machines and vacuum conveying system and formally joined China Pharmaceutical Equipment Association.

Year 2003
It independently developed dual material-feeding system.

Year 2004
It was approved with three items of related patents including Vacuum Loading Machines.
It drafted standards for China's pharmaceutical industry in: Vacuum Loading Machines, which was approved by experts in December 2004.

Year 2005
It successfully developed world leading single-tube multi-point material-feeding system, which was applied to the transmission of Chinese traditional medicine in form of wet powder in Tongrentang.
On August 1st, 2005, Industry standard JB/T20049-2005 released by Vacuum Loading Machines was put into practice.

Year 2006
It successfully developed world's first antibiotics - amoxicillin closed conveying system.
It successfully developed asepsis-grade powder measuring and bagging system.
It successfully developed dust-free smashing system.
It was approved with six items of related patents including Vacuum Loading Machines and.

It successfully developed Chinese medicine crushed, mixed, subassembly dust-free production operating system.
It successfully developed China's first dust-free medium production system.
It successfully developed asepsis-grade powder measuring and bagging (500g) system.

Technical Knowledge

Humid sensitivity
All the materials have the characteristics of absorption moisture. The wet-sensitive materials may change its mobility by caking because of absorption moisture, adhere to the surface of the pipewall or filters, and even block the pipes or the filters.

Explosion Risk
When tiny particles mix with air and reach a critical concentration, once having sparks, it would be a possible explosion, namely, dust explosion. Dust explosion has three necessary conditions: oxygen, critical concentration and sparks.
When transportation, it is very difficult to control the concentration of materials, but the oxygen and sparks can be controlled. By means of inert gases to eliminate oxygen and avoid sparks through the elimination of static electricity, explosion risks can be controlled.

Toxic Material
The leakage of toxic powder will cause environmental pollution and be harmful to persons. In delivery and transmission, reliable technology and equipment must be used to avoid accidents.
Vacuum conveying is the safest option because the internal pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure in a transmission system with no leakage phenomenon.
The exhausted gas from conveying system must be treated in reasonable and harm-free way and be discharged according to relevant standards.

Corrosive Properties
Some fissions are highly corrosive, requiring the conveying system made of suitable materials.

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