Special packing production machinery

Special packaging machinery


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Special packaging machinery

Tea bag | Blister | Tube (toothpaste) | Hygienic Products | Aseptic | Filter Khaini (SNUS) | Cup | Sanitary napkin ...


Tea bag making machines

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Tea-bag packing machine is an automatic precision machine use for packing broken tea and similar herbs into small bags and realize fully automatic procedure including ration filling, heat-sealing of tea bag, pasting thread, linking tag, envelope sealing, dividing groups and counting tea bag.

Blister packaging machine

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Blister packing machine (AL/AL, AL/PL, AL/PL/AL) is for tablet, capsule, liquid, candy etc. and The hard paper seal blister packing machine (Paper/Plastic) is for daily product, such as battery, electronic products, toys, cosmetic, medicine, and commodity etc.

Hygienic Products production equipment

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Diaper / Sanitary napkin / Panty liner / Napkin / Pad Production Line

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